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12 October 2009 @ 10:37 pm

New tutorial. This time featuring the oh so lovely Jean-Baptiste Maunier from one of my favourite film of all time Les Choristes.
Made in: Photoshop CS3 (can only be made in CS+)
Translatable: Nope.
PSD: Sorry.

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29 June 2009 @ 05:35 pm
title: to be damned (1/?)
genre: general/angst
rating: G for now, might be T later main
paring(s): no pairings
character(s): Alec, Jane
summary: Alec knows quite well that he is damned and he accepts it. However, it is how he deals with being damned that is troubling.
a/n: I've decided for a little change in my writing subjects. Don't worry Kyu I still love you but Alec is such an interesting character. But this changes nothing, I still harbor an unyielding hate for twilight.

He was numb. Completed and utterly, irrevocably numb. Collapse )
13 June 2009 @ 12:36 pm

This is a simple (somewhat xD) icon colouring tutorial. You'll need Photoshop CS+ for this one~ I was using Photoshop CS3

this way ;]Collapse )
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14 May 2009 @ 08:59 pm
title: Being
genre: angst (sort of? I tried T,T)
rating: G
main paring: Well I imagined this as MiMin (is that what the pairing is called?) but it could be Zhoumi/Anyone
character(s): Zhoumi, Sungmin (undefined, could be anyone really)
summary: Zhoumi had worked hard his entire life to belong. Then why is it there is only one place where he does?
a/n: There are some pretty sensitive topics written about in this one-shot. It’s pretty short but a lot is said. I don’t mean anything by it but I thought it would be really interesting to write about and the idea was nagging at me to be written xD. Oh and this is completely AU.

...and his bright smile wouldn’t be so bright anymoreCollapse )
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14 March 2009 @ 03:01 pm
title: I'll wait and watch until it's time
pairing: qmi
genre: romance; au
rating: pg13
summary: Kyuhyun goes out of his way to see his beloved. Even if it's only for a few seconds
word count: 586
a/n: Well I couldn't keep I love you too much the way it was so I wrote another drabble to go along with it. I think I might be making other installments as well. They aren't in order, this one happened before I love you too much, maybe when I have enought installments I'll make a time line. 'his beloved' is Zhoumi btw.

At exactly 6:15 am, like clockwork, Kyuhyun watches his beloved leave the small apartment building.Collapse )
13 March 2009 @ 10:42 pm

title: I love you too much
pairing: qmi
genre: romance; au
rating: pg13
summary: Zhoumi knows it's wrong but he can't help it. He is addicted.
word count: 400

coffee is addictingCollapse )