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29 June 2009 @ 05:35 pm
04 - to be damned  
title: to be damned (1/?)
genre: general/angst
rating: G for now, might be T later main
paring(s): no pairings
character(s): Alec, Jane
summary: Alec knows quite well that he is damned and he accepts it. However, it is how he deals with being damned that is troubling.
a/n: I've decided for a little change in my writing subjects. Don't worry Kyu I still love you but Alec is such an interesting character. But this changes nothing, I still harbor an unyielding hate for twilight.

Alec wasn’t really one to express his feelings or his opinions for that matter, He was just a pretty face; always was, always would be. He didn’t talk much either, his sister, Jane, did enough of that for both of them. So it was not strange to see Alec sitting back against the high branch of a tree as his sister loudly tried to get the attention of some hunters that were camping near by. Alec and his sister had been homeless for almost their entire life and orphans since birth. As a result they were used to the life they lived, a life not meant for children. Alec smiled as he watched his sister expertly lure the hunters away from their camp with her sobs and cries for help. Soon she would give the signal for Alec to go into the camp and steal their dinner for the next two days. Until then Alec would sit and enjoy the performance his sister so capably put on. It should have saddened Alec that he had to live like this, but it didn’t. Nothing saddened him anymore. He was numb. Completed and utterly, irrevocably numb. Alec’s smile slowly slipped off his face and an expression of boredom replaced it. This life that he lived, it was, if nothing else, boring.

Alec looked up in annoyance as he heard a particularly loud wail from his sister. Then he realized the wail was the signal. Quickly but carefully Alec made his way down the tree and then quietly crept into the camp. With the precision of only someone who had done this a thousand times before, Alec nicked as much food as he could fit into his pouch and when it was filled he stuffed a few apples into the pockets of his tunic. Noticing how filthy his tunic was, Alec decided to add a bar of soap to his list of stolen necessities.

“I’m not sure where he could have gone. I told him to stay where he was; that I’d be back right away!” Alec swore to himself as he listened to his sister’s shrill voice. He had taken too long, the hunters were coming back. Alec slowly crawled through the bushes to get back to their tree. He hissed in pain as a thorn scratched him just above his eyebrow, “I told him!” his sister screamed again.

When Alec finally made it out of the bushes with, thankfully, not too many cuts and bruises, he settled himself at the foot of the tree and picked out the best of the apples in his pockets. Munching on it, Alec thought of the animals those hunters would kill later on. Sighing, Alec wished he could take part in their activities. Stealing food was not…entertaining. The first few times were quite thrilling, of course, but back then Alec made mistakes and those were always fun. He wondered what it would feel like to kill an animal. Alec had never killed before, well, there was that butterfly he had chased and that toad he had caught. But those were accidents, mistakes, he liked those but they could get boring. Alec imagined watching a stag fall to the ground as an arrow shot its way through its leg. He then imagined the strange sense of satisfaction after watching its fall. Alec smiled; maybe he could make a bow and arrow for himself when Jane wasn’t watching his every move.

Alec was just about to finish his apple off when his sister marched her way out the bushes. Her cheeks were flushed and there were a few twigs caught in her hair. According to the nurse from their old orphanage, Jane was only a few minutes older than Alec. However, she acted as his mother. Alec watched in amusement as Jane’s previously tired eyes landed on Alec’s almost finished apple. She looked up at him in exasperation.

“Alec! I told you not to eat anything. We need to save this food for when we really need it!” she scolded. Alec just snickered and then smiled apologetically. Jane huffed and joined her brother at the foot of the tree. Pointedly looking away from him she watched a colony of wood ants work for entertainment.

Jane looked like their mother, their real mother. At least Alec liked to think so. Jane’s complexion was a lot lighter than his, her hair was a bit lighter as well. She had a somewhat pointed face, but it was pretty. She acted gracefully, like she was the eldest daughter of a nobleman, but Alec acted every bit the homeless orphan he was. Sure, he was handsome where she was beautiful but Alec didn’t forget the other orphaned boys at their old orphanage. They absolutely hated him for his looks; they’d even gone as far enough to say he looked like a woman. Alec didn’t really mind, in the end it just boiled right down to their jealousy. Although Alec really couldn’t blame them for saying he looked like a girl. He was more pretty than handsome, he admitted grudgingly. His hair was a dark, curly blonde and his skin was a bit olive, but not really. He had thin lips and his eyes were bright blue. His eyebrows curved in a perfect arc and his nose was somewhat long. He had a light sprinkling of freckles across his cheeks, very light, they were barely noticeable. Jane had no freckles and her eyes were a lot darker than his.

Alec threw his apple core into a nearby pile of leaves. Standing and stretching Alec started to climb up the tree. A couple of startled birds started protesting loudly to Alec’s disruption of whatever they were doing. Jane looked up at him from her place on the ground with an annoyed look on her face. “Why do you always go up there?” She asked. Alec grinned and dropped an apple down to her. “I like it.” He said. She rolled her eyes and tucked the apple into the pocket of her apron. “Just make sure no one can see you.” She warned and then lay down to take a nap. Alec smiled and looked up at the skies. It was going to rain soon. Cursing his bad luck, Alec closed his eyes and hoped he could get a few minutes of sleep before the oncoming downpour.