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12 October 2009 @ 10:37 pm
02 Jean-Baptiste Maunier tutorial  

New tutorial. This time featuring the oh so lovely Jean-Baptiste Maunier from one of my favourite film of all time Les Choristes.
Made in: Photoshop CS3 (can only be made in CS+)
Translatable: Nope.
PSD: Sorry.

Okay first we start off with our cropped screencap. Here I used a beautiful capture from Les Choristes.

But the picture is too dark and we can't see those wonderful features. So let's duplicate the base and set it to Screen at 100% opacity.

Jean-Baptiste Maunier has such piercing eyes, doesn't he? But the lighting makes them look a bit dull, so let's brighten them up. Create a new layer and colour in the blue part of his eyes with a small soft brush (#a5a2ff is the colour I used but if you want something lighter, go for it!), then set this layer to Multiply 100% opacity. Duplicate the layer and set it to Hue 100% opacity and then duplicate that layer and set it to Screen at 15% opacity.

Okay, so JB is looking a bit ghostly here. Let's add some colour to those cheeks, yeah?
Create a new layer and set it to Soft Light 60% opacity. Then take your brush and set that to 50% opacity. Now, with your brush colour part of his cheeks and make sure not to go over the same place twice or it won't be as smooth. Have your foreground colour set to #f13e79 for this.

Now, I felt the need to darken his lips also. I feel like there should be as much colour as possible without making it look like he's wearing make up xD. So, I made a new layer and set it to Saturation 20% and coloured in his lips with #d72897. Make sure you change your brush back to 100%. Then I duplicated this layer and set it to Darken 20%.

Okey dokey! Now that we've got all the boring stuff out of the way it's time to have some fun. Flatten all the layers (Layer > Flatten Image) and duplicate the new base. Set the duplicated base to Soft Light 100%. Then add a Photo Filter (Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Photo Filter), choose Filter (not colour!) and from the drop down menu pick Cooling Filter (82). Make sure the density is at 25% and that Preserve Luminosity is checked.

Now we add a Gradient Map (Layers, New Adjustment Layer > Gradient Map). Let's use the brown/gold gradient in the Pastels section. Set it to Darken at 100% opacity.

Let's add another gradient map, because JB is looking a bit too colourful. This time it shall be a standard black to white gradient and we'll set this to Darker Colour 85% opacity. Make sure the layer mask is highlighted and go over the image with a yellow/pink/purple gradient (found in the pastel section) from the top right corner to the bottom left.

Selective Colour (Layer > Adjustment Layer > Selective Colour) layer is next. We need to brighten those eyes some more! Click on the drop down menu and choose Blues.
Cyan: +100
Magenta: +100
Yellow: +100
Black: -100

You know what? Their still too dull! Let's create a new layer and paint over his eyes with #71bbff. Set that layer to Overlay 100% and then duplicate it. Set the duplicated layer to Lighter Colour 50% and you're left with this beauty:

Here are some other examples:

Current Music: Caresse Sur L'Ocean - Les Choristes