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Would you marry mi?

anrin's scribbles :"D
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Hello and welcome to letterstokyu! A community for the scribblings and graphics of mydearkyu or anrin (main account). Now I'm not much of a writer I'm also not a fast writer. But every once in a while I might get some inspiration and write something up. Probably Qmi XD... Qmi is my one and only OTP. I love the pairing as much as life its self. Sometimes people think it's funny to tell me to "get a life" but then I say "Qmi is my life". LOL. Very solemnly too. I might sometimes write some Yewook because I like that pairing too and maybe some Minry or Shin&Min. Now, I'm a very busy person so multichaptered fics aren't exactly my thing. Yes, oneshots and drabbles ftw! Maybe once I feel that I'm a good enough writer (I'm improving everyday~) I'll write something multichaptered, but I have a bit of a habit of starting and never finishing D: Most of my fics are not f-locked. Check them out. If you see something you like, please join! Commenting would be nice too, remember that comments are a fic-writer's picker-upper. They make me happy :D My graphics aren't anything special but I do love tinkering around in photoshop. If you like them (my graphics), use them, and if you use them... please credit mydearkyu or anrin @ letterstokyu, thanks ;]. Also, as much as I love the Super Junior family, I have other loves too so you might see me squeeing about them too ^^.